Frank H. Sherman

Frank H. Sherman




Class of 1992

Frank H. Sherman moved to Hamilton, Ontario where his uncle and father had established a small foundry to produce steel castings for the rail industry. Frank joined Dofasco in 1939 with a degree in metallurgy from Queen’s University. During the war years he was largely responsible for the development and operation of the Company’s armaments department.

Frank Sherman rose quickly through the ranks. By 1949 he was Vice President and Works Manager – ten years later he was named President and General Manager. Frank took naturally to the Dofasco tradition of hands-on management. Like his uncle and father before him, he spent much of his time walking the floor of the mills and processing lines, observing and listening to his employees.

Under Frank Sherman’s guidance, Dofasco grew to a leadership position in the development and production of new products – but it was done without fanfare. Frank’s style was quiet. He always considered decisions carefully. He expected others to do the same, and admonished his managers to be sensitive to how their decisions would affect the people at Dofasco.

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