John M. Schneider

John M. Schneider




Class of 1990

Founder, J.M. Schneider Inc.

John M. Schneider, built J.M. Schneider Inc. into one of Canada’s leading food processors.

Born in 1859, young John helped his German immigrant father clear and cultivate their farm near Berlin, Ontario, now called Kitchener. He attended school only when farm chores permitted.

John was a salaried employee at a button factory until an injury forced him to stay home. While recuperating, the 27-year old married man decided to help out with family finances by selling sausages door to door. Made from his German mother’s country style recipe, the sausages were an instant success.

Within three years J.M. was involved full time in a meat business which had rapidly expanded from his home into a nearby factory. In 1895, several new products were offered when Schneider hired a German trained butcher. One product that became a top seller was the Wiener, made famous as the “Hot Dog” at the St. Louis Worlds’ Fair in 1904. Insistent on a product made from only the best quality meat resulted in the Schneider advertising slogan, Famous for Quality.

In 1912, a reorganization shifted the business from J.M. to his sons. New products and the quality commitment continued to expand the company into one of Canada’s leading national food processors. In 1990, J.M. Schneider Inc. celebrated its centennial.

J.M. was highly respected by his employees and within his community. He was devoted to family and church and remained a modest man despite his success.


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