Camille Arthur Dagenais

Camille Arthur Dagenais




Class of 1988

Camille Arthur Dagenais impressed by architecture and construction while he was growing up, decided to attend the University of Montreal’s Polytechnic School. Montreal’s Sun Life Building and the Jacques Cartier Bridge had a decisive influence on his career choice. After graduating in 1946 with a degree in civil engineering, Camille spent four years at Canadian Industries Limited. His next post was with H.J. Doran, an architect firm, where he spent three years as resident engineer on The Pine Tree Line Radar Stations. 

In 1967 Camille Dagenais became President of SNC. By the time he became Chairman 10 years later, SNC was involved in the design and management of projects in 42 countries.

In 1973 Camille received his first in a series of honourary degrees including: The University of Toronto, The University of Montreal, Concordia, and The University of Waterloo. In 1981 he became Honourary Member of The Mexican Academy of Engineers and was named International Businessman of the year.  He’s also an Honorary Chief of Montreal’s Beaver Club.

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