Gifts in Honour

Standing in support of world-class accomplishments in business and contributions to the Canadian economy, Inductees and Companions are role models who inspire JA Canada to continue to build, strengthen, and enhance programs with the goal of reaching more youth across the country.

A Gift in Honour message presents a wonderful opportunity to be present with the Inductees at the Induction Ceremony and Celebration.

Gifts of all values are welcome.

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2024 Gifts in Honour:

2023 Gifts in Honour:

"Thank you to the 2023 Canadian Business Hall of Fame Companions for demonstrating Canada’s ingenuity in sustaining our economy. All are trailblazers and change agents in their respective industries. Across our country and globally, Madeleine Paquin is one of these remarkable leaders who continues to transform LOGISTEC to reach new and unimaginable heights."

"It is rare to have a leader create a business vision that meets Canada’s future environmental and economic needs, especially when these needs are not yet known. While working with Chief Jim Boucher, one can only be inspired and think differently while undertaking new enterprises. As an entrepreneur, Chief Boucher not only believes but is committed to working with business and community to celebrate collective advancement for mutual gain."

"Congratulations to four extraordinary business leaders, being recognized as the 2023 CBHF Class of Companions. A huge thank you to Tony Arrell who has mentored so many while building a business founded on exceptional relationships, trust and a relentless pursuit for success."

"Having a good idea is the beginning of progress, but only by taking the necessary steps to make it happen will you and those you lead achieve success. A force unto himself, Ed Sonshine saw an opportunity and took the risk to evolve a model of real estate investment. Ed demonstrates what Canadian youth can aspire to if they learn and work hard to accomplish and succeed to wherever their careers lead them."