David Race

David Race




Class of 1994

David Race served as longtime President and Chief Executive Officer of CAE Inc., a world leader in commercial, military and manned space-flight simulation and training systems.

Born in England and educated in Canada, David Race entered McGill University on an engineering scholarship. His career with Canadian Aviation Electronics began in 1951, when he was employed as Supervisor for the installation of air navigation systems in the Arctic. David was 24 when CAE built its first simulators for the CF-100 and the U.S. F-104 fighter jet. That success enabled rapid expansion of CAE in Canada and provided the opportunity for CAE to enter the European markets.

By 1969, David was President of CAE Aircraft in Winnipeg. His vision and leadership have been instrumental in CAE’s growth, diversity and financial success. At 48, David became Corporate Vice President of Operations; eight years later, he became CAE’s President and Chief Executive Officer, a position he held until 1993.

David Race steered CAE Inc. into the purchase of the U.S. based Singer-Link company, and the combined CAE-Link became a global leader in the military and space simulation markets. A man with great vision himself, David has claimed that “vision is the driving force behind new product development.”

Under his leadership, CAE became a leader in air craft overhaul and repair, a supplier of products and services to the railway and forest industries and gained a leading position in the development of simulators that will train health care workers.

Mr. Race has served on many different boards including Bank of Nova Scotia, Falconbridge Limited and Xstrata Canada Corporation, and is Chairman Emeritus of CAE Inc.




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