Dr. Norman B. Keevil

Dr. Norman B. Keevil




Class of 1991

Dr. Norman B. Keevil founded Temagami Mining Co. after discovering one of the highest grade copper deposits in Northern Ontario. A geologist and mining giant, he pioneered airborne geophysical techniques to mineral exploration.

Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Norman spent the Depression years pioneering mapping in the Prairies and Northwest Territories. That experience piqued a life long interest in geology. A doctorate from Harvard in 1937 and post doctoral research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology preceded his teaching of geophysics at the University of Toronto. In the 1940’s, while still teaching, Dr. Keevil became a consultant to the mining industry during the post war exploration frenzy.

In 1946 he became a full time consultant in mining geophysics. An entrepreneur with a keen mind, he was first to apply submarine aeromagnetic tracking techniques to finding mineral deposits.  In 1954 while conducting an airborne survey with partner Dominion Gulf Company, a copper deposit was found in the Lake Temagami region. When Dominion chose not to explore, Norman independently revisited the site and found one of the richest copper strikes in Canadian mining history.

Temagami was incorporated in 1954 and Norman spent the next several years acquiring control of young mining companies. The mid 1980’s brought mergers with the industry giants, Tech-Hughes Gold Mines Ltd. and Cominco Ltd. His business operations, with earnings in the millions, were involved in minerals, oil and natural gas. His company, Moli Energy, developed the world’s first rechargeable lithium battery.

When asked, Dr. Keevil offered his keys to success, “enjoy hard work, act quickly, inspire and encourage those with whom you work.”

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