E.P. Taylor

E.P. Taylor




Class of 1990

E.P. Taylor, financier, industrialist, brewer and horsebreeder.

Edward P. Taylor was born in Ottawa and developed a fascination with commerce while visiting his grandfather’s business, Brading Breweries. Following graduation from McGill University with an engineering degree, 22 year old Edward bought a small Ottawa bus and taxi company. When sold a few years later, he invested his profit into Brading and began working as a sales agent with an investment firm. After six years, Edward decided to return to entrepreneurship.

Through his on-going investments in Brading, Edward had become a board member. He used his stock and his influence to finance his entry into business by founding Canadian Breweries. Canadian gradually amassed controlling interest in several breweries including Carling, O’Keefe and eventually, Brading Breweries.

Following service as Director of Munitions Production during World War II, Taylor’s influence and his mastery at deal making would again dominate Canadian business. With Canadian Breweries as its main building block, Taylor formed Argus Corporation. Argus gained control of food chains, broadcasting, advertising and forest industry companies.

E.P. Taylor’s estate, Windfields Farms, was built on his substantial real estate holdings north of Toronto.  Windfields became one of the most profitable thoroughbred breeding enterprises in North America. Its most famous colt was Northern Dancer.

E.P. Taylor shared generously his wealth and time. In 1971 he retired to the Bahamas where he remained active as a developer.

It was said of Edward P. Taylor, “the nature of the man was that he could always see what most of us couldn’t.”

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