Paul Paré

Paul Paré




Class of 1992

Paul Paré spent most of the Second World War in the Navy. Discharged with the rank of Lieutenant-Commander he went on to McGill Law School. After graduation in 1949, he joined the law department of Imperial Tobacco. A quick study, hard worker, and a natural born marketer, he was soon appointed Assistant to the President.

His abilities were also noticed by Imperial’s competitor – Canadian Tabacofina. In 1962, Tabacofina sold its Canadian subsidiary to Phillip Morris.  Imperial invited Paul back into the fold. In 1964, Paul Paré was elected to Imperial Tobacco’s Board. Soon after his arrival, Paul was appointed to the position of Executive Vice President. In the same year, after release of the U.S. Surgeon General’s report, Paul was convinced that the industry’s long term growth was in jeopardy. He pushed for diversification, i.e. the company was moving to food business. Imperial acquired S&W Fine Foods, Progresso Food, Grissol, and Unico. Paul Paré was appointed President and CEO of Imasco in 1969.

Among Paul’s greatest contributions are his high standards of business acumen, ethical practice and good citizenship. He exemplifies those qualities to this day.

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