Sén. Jean-Marie Poitras

Sén. Jean-Marie Poitras




Class of 1988

Jean-Marie Poitras – with the economy in shambles following the Great Depression, Jean-Marie left the Quebec Business Academy after two years of study, and went to work for his father who had established an insurance agency in the early 1920’s. The insurance agency flourished under Jean-Marie’s leadership and he decided to incorporate the business in 1959 under his father’s name, J.E. Poitras.

For the next five years, the agency took the lead in volume of business done with the Laurentian Insurance Company. Jean-Marie Poitras was also elected twice the president of the Association of the Insurance Brokers of Quebec. He took advantage of this forum to express his views on the professional nature of brokers and insurers. His strong sense of honesty and integrity, combined with his business acumen and expertise did not go unnoticed. In 1964 he was made technical advisor to the President of the Laurentian-Mutual Insurance Company, and in 1965 he took over the President’s chair.

Jean-Marie’s belief that there must be a social dimension to insurance company activities was reflected in the Laurentian’s investment practices. Today the Laurentian Group offers a variety of financial services not only in Canada but also in the US.


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