Sir Clifford Sifton

Sir Clifford Sifton




Class of 1985

Sir Clifford Sifton, politician, businessman, administrative genius, inspired communicator, and Minister of the Interior for Canada (1896-1905) in the Laurier Administration. He resigned from office in 1905. In 1909 he was appointed Chairman of the Canadian Conservation Commission.

After withdrawing from active political life he pursued an independent, but influential course in politics, mostly behind scenes. 

Sir Clifford Sifton combined press and politics to start one of Canada’s largest media enterprises, the Manitoba (Winnipeg) Free Press. He was also instrumental in formation of the Canadian Western Light, Heat and Power Company.

Sir Clifford’s other ambitions were to build a $250 million shipping canal from Georgian Bay to Montreal and a shipping line from Australia to Britain that would have used Canadian Railway and an overland link.

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